McKirk – Fanfic Empfehlungen

Hiermit möchte ich euch meine absolut liebsten Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy (AOS) Fanfics vorstellen. Die meisten sind in Englisch, da es leider nur wenige deutsche Autoren zu dem Pairing gibt. Aber jede dieser Stories ist wirklich sagenhaft und absolut empfehlenswert. Ich lege großen Wert darauf, meine beiden Lieblingscharaktere wieder zu erkennen.

Das umwerfende Fanart, das ich hier als Header verwendet habe, stammt übrigens von der überaus talentierten Zverra28.

Top 5 List

  1. One Little White Lie by laughter_now
  2. Hold Me Tight (I’ll Hold My Breath) by laughter_now
  3. A truth that’s told with bad intent by nikki4noo
  4. Catching Fire (The Firehouse AU) by kel_1970
  5. PTSD – Posttraumatisches Schmuse Syndrom von uena


Any Road Will Take You There by shoreleave
This is simply a perfect ‘what happened at the academy’ fanfic. Loads of angst, hurt/comfort, tons of friendship and even hints of slash inside. The author is amazing at portraiing McCoy and Kirk. It’s a story about their growing friendship from the day they met.

Safeword – shoreleave
Jim’s having trouble adjusting to the Academy and living under the shadow of his father’s heroism. He copes by seeking out reckless situations and relationships. Bones shows Jim a new way to satisfy his needs without endangering himself.

Standby by d8rkmessngr
He was glad Bones was dating again. He was. Really. But what Jim thought was good for Bones turned out to be oh, so wrong for Jim.

Convergence by mijan
Christopher Pike wasn’t supposed to be in Iowa, but there he was, weighing his future against scales that would never balance. Jim Kirk had given up on his future long ago. Leonard McCoy’s past had been pulled out from underneath him, and he was ready to let his future go with it. Paths converge in the least likely places as three people realize that their futures are what they make of them.

And All the King’s Men by mijan
“How many times can you patch up something before you realize that it’s too fucking broken to fix, Bones?” When a training simulation uncovers something that Cadet Jim Kirk was never meant to remember, it breaks him. Leonard McCoy can’t sit by and watch Jim crumble. When asked what he’s willing to do to get the old Jim back, Leonard has only one answer. “Anything.”

No-Win Scenario by anne-higgins
Shields down, weapons depleted, enemy closing in – all Jim could do was surrender and pray.

I’d lie by LucySaxonWrites
Bones has loved Jim Kirk almost from the start. That doesn’t mean he’ll admit it to anyone other than himself.

sealed by a fragile touch by vixys
“He’s not leaving Bones behind on some godforsaken desert planet with nothing but the dead for company.” Time moves on, wherever you are, but the question is, how fast?
7 days on Enterprise are 7 months for Bones!

Ordinary Extraoridnary Life by midnightlover
The lives of James Kirk and Leonard McCoy as viewed through the eyes of Joanna McCoy.

A truth that’s told with bad intent by nikki4noo
Bones finds himself in the predicament of being engaged, to THE Captain James T Kirk. How to get out of the situation? Well, consider one nine year old girl and a Starship Captain to the rescue. What could possibly go wrong?

A hundred days (and counting) – hope_calaris & rei17
Jim is like quicksilver. He’s constantly moving, always on the go, always two steps ahead of everybody and always out of reach. He’s not something to have. He’s not somebody you could ever own or call yours. Jim is just made to let go, and letting go is the one thing McCoy sucks at the most. But maybe, McCoy realizes, Jim doesn’t want to let him go either.

One Little White Lie by laughter_now
One little white lie never hurt anybody, that’s what they say. But apparently they are wrong, because even one small lie can spin out of control and change a life forever. Jim only wanted to be by his best friend’s side after an accident. Nobody could have known that the lie he told to make that possible was going to come back to haunt him.

Hold Me Tight (I’ll Hold My Breath) by laughter_now
Even after three years aboard Enterprise, Leonard McCoy has not quite overcome his fear of being aboard a shuttle. Up until this day, that fear had proven to be unjustified. Up until this day, Leonard never once considered that there were other ways to die aboard a space shuttle than blowing up, or suffocating in the vaccum of space. But there are other dangers to flying aboard a shuttle, very real dangers that Leonard never once considered before, but which are terrifying once they break loose on him.

Going Once, Going Twice… by laughter_now
It was a scene right out of Leonard’s worst nightmare. In celebration of Enterprise’s arrival, the Starfleet personnel stationed on Britor Prime had organized a little celebratory get-together. A party, complete with food, an open bar, music, a dance floor.
Oh, and of course there was the absolute highlight of the party – “Starfleet’s Most Eligible Bachelor Auction”. Leonard would do many things for charity, but he’s not really sure he’s willing to do this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really seem as if he has a choice in the matter.

Beach with a view by laughter_now
Shore leave is a time for Jim to relax, to lie back and enjoy himself. Just maybe he should have read the signs more attentively. At least Bones seems to have understood that the beach they’re on is clothes-optional.
But maybe Jim is just distracted because Bones decided to go with the flow and not wear swim trunks.

The Lesson by laughter_now
Jim has always considered himself experienced between the sheets. But then Bones teaches him something Jim thought he already knew.

Hypothetically Speaking by laughter_now
Jim has feelings for his best friend. He needs advice on how to act on them. Advice only his best friend can give him. Which means he needs a very good cover story. After all, the one person who can tell him how to date Bones is…Bones himself.

AsQ by laughter_now
It started out as an ordinary day. So ordinary in fact that it took Jim until late in the afternoon to realize that something was horribly wrong. It was unusual that Bones wasn’t in Sickbay during a busy shift, but it wasn’t unheard of. What was wrong, absolutely and terrifyingly wrong, was that Bones wasn’t even on board. In fact, nobody aboard the Enterprise has ever heard of a Leonard McCoy. There is no record of anyone by that name ever serving in Starfleet. In fact, there is no record of him at all. And that is so wrong that Jim can’t even find any words for it.


Alternate Universe

The Holiday by weepingnaiad & abigail89
A modern day AU based heavily on the movie, The Holiday, done for the LJ comm, Reel_Love Challenge. Jim Kirk is a documentary film maker who didn’t even notice his lover had moved out, while Spock gets dumped by his long-time girlfriend. On a whim, they swap homes for the holidays and find more than they bargained for.

A matter of time by sangueuk
Inspired by The Time Traveler’s Wife: An AU set in the Trek universe which explores a different beginning for Jim and Bones. Leonard McCoy suffers from chrono impairment, a genetic disease which causes him to time travel against his will. When teenage McCoy travels back in time and meets Jim Kirk aged six, in a meadow in Iowa, it is the beginning of a close friendship which will mark both their lives forever. The story tracks Kirk and McCoy’s relationship, McCoy’s search for a cure and Jim’s path to finding himself.

Aftershocks by canistakahari
Jim Kirk turns down Pike’s challenge, and doesn’t get on the Starfleet recruiting shuttle. But neither does Leonard McCoy, who’s actually been in Iowa for six months already, doing fuck-all. Becoming drinking buddies seems like a natural progression.

Sometimes the path to the stars is just a piece-of-shit dirt road. You know, the kind that’s filled with potholes and surrounded by brambles and conveniently happens to be located in the bottom of a ravine. But every once in a while, when confronted with such a twisted mess of circumstance and cracked foundation, the universe still does its very best to fill in the holes.

Fade by canistakahari
McCoy’s been an agent for a long time, and a young, cocky, obnoxious new partner is exactly what he doesn’t need, dammit.

I Got Your Note by knightinwritingarmor
James Kirk is living in slow motion. He has no friends, no real relationships, and works the kind of job that makes the adventurer in him want to gag. When he jumps at the chance to fix up the plantation-house of an grumpy country doctor, he has no idea that he has jumped into the greatest adventure of his life. Modern-Setting AU.

Just Say Yes by WeWillSpockYou
James T. Kirk can’t seem to get his handsome neighbor into bed. Can he find a way to get Bones to Just Say Yes?

Catching Fire (The Firehouse AU) by kel_1970
21st Century fire department AU. Paramedic Leonard McCoy flees a disastrous break-up in Savannah and ends up working at a fire department in Iowa.


Das Universum von A bis Z von uena
Das Universum ist groß – ein Handbuch wäre praktisch.

Szenen einer Ehe von uena
Niemand weiß so richtig, wie diese Zwei Freunde werden konnten. Jim und Bones am Allerwenigsten.

Schlafende Hunde und verschlossene Türen von uena
Jim und Bones sind Männer – echte, kernige Männer.
Echte, kernige Männer reden nicht miteinander, schon gar nicht über ihre Gefühle, und wenn doch, dann reden sie aneinander vorbei.
Verdrängung ist ihr zweiter Vorname.
Sie machen so ziemlich alles, um nicht miteinander reden zu müssen, und das auch noch in der völlig falschen Reihenfolge.
Sie treffen sich im Shuttle zur Sternenflotte, sie absolvieren Seite an Seite die Akademie, sie dienen gemeinsam auf der Enterprise.
Und irgendwann zwischendurch spielt sich die größte Liebesgeschichte aller Zeiten ab.

Mein Dezember von uena
An Weihnachten allein zu sein ist schlimm genug. Sich selbst daran die Schuld geben zu können, ist schlimmer.
Glücklicherweise muss Jim sich dieser unerfreulichen Tätigkeit nicht allzu lange hingeben. Bones lässt ihn nicht.

PTSD – Posttraumatisches Schmuse Syndrom von uena
Post Into Darkness: Jim ist traumatisiert. Leonard ist traumatisiert. Alle sind sie traumatisiert. Traumata fühlen sich offenbar in Gesellschaft am wohlsten. Und sie schmusen. Ausufernd.


Alternativ Universum

The Wayward Wind von Melui
In der Einsamkeit der Prärie trifft Leonard auf Jim und wird durch ihn unvermittelt in ein Abenteuer verwickelt, dass er so nie wollte. Mit Jim gerät er tagsüber schneller auf Abwege, als ihm lieb gewesen wäre und nachts in einen Rausch, der es ihm immer schwerer macht, sich der Wahrheit zu stellen. [Wild West AU]

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